Starting Over

Hey all –

Well, the blog that I had for over a decade was deleted by google last month. I was locked out of it because they switched to some new payment method and I couldn’t get into my account to pay for it because they never sent me the information about it. That doesn’t seem very helpful. But! Out with the old, in with the new, right? I’m sad to have lost all my weaving posts, but then again I haven’t woven much in the last few years I’ve been traveling, so that’s okay. I haven’t sketched much, either (lost all my art photos, although I think I do have backups of those) – I got pulled into the dark underworld of coloring books, and they have sucked up all of the spare time I haven’t spent writing over the last couple of years. 🙂

My current work assignment is in San Angelo, Texas, which just happens to have FORTY-EIGHT SHEEP STATUES. Painted sheep statues, like the Swedish painted horses all over Lindsborg Kansas. has a good page with pictures and their history. I’ve been there, but didn’t try to find all of them. Next time I’m in Kansas, I think I’ll go back to Lindsborg and find all the Dalas. 🙂

Here, my goal for the next couple of months is to find all forty-eight sheep and take pictures of them. I got two last night:

The Cavender Sheep was the first one I saw when I got to San Angelo a month ago. It’s in front of the store, but next to a hotel, so I thought it was in front of a hotel. I almost had a wreck when I saw it! Then, as I left work one afternoon, I saw a sheep at the hospital. Then another along the way home. Then another. Then one at Sonic! I had to google it. gives a list of all forty-eight sheep and where they are. The site also has a map with little sheep on it. 🙂 They’re not numbered, but they are in an order, so I’m going to number them in my own list so I can check them off as I go.

There’s a possibility that I’m the only person around who is obsessed with giant sheep statues…


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