Bad blogger

Well, I tried to revive my blog last year after the old one died, but that didn’t work out very well – here I am, over a year later, and I just spent far too long trying to figure out which email address I’d used so WordPress could send me a link to create a new password… Argh.

I broke my leg a couple of weeks ago, and wow, that’s uncomfortable. I’ve written a lot, though. Not as much as one might expect for someone who is basically sitting on their posterior all day, but more than I’d written for the last two months, so that’s good. Not that I want to break any other limbs. Arms would definitely not help. If you’re a writer and have to break a limb, a leg is a good one.

Before I fell, I’d spent a couple of days in San Antonio, at Sea World. My niece worked as a camp counselor there over the summer, and she showed me around the park. I know Sea World gets a lot of flack, but it’s an amazing place. I’m so glad I went there *before* I broke my leg! Good timing, LOL.

So, I finished a novella today, and I’m going through the self-publishing information on Amazon, because there’s nothing like the looming thread of your savings being drained by a broken limb to make you think “gee, wish I’d self-published those other seven or eight novellas three years ago instead of trying to get everything completely perfect first.”

Nothing will ever be completely perfect. Seize the day, and your career. Go read Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s books on publishing, and her blog, and take charge. I wish I’d done so when I read her words a couple of years ago instead of waiting.

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