Flu brain

I haven’t updated this in forever. I think it’s basically because both my website and my blog on Blogger (which I had forever and had a gazillion pictures on and just ARGH) ended up getting deleted. I don’t even remember the deal with my website. It was basically scrapbooking and a travelogue and stuff like that – I started traveling for work in 2006 as a lab tech temp, and I remember posting from my cute little very basic green phone while I was in New Hampshire and sending pics to my family… somehow? No idea. Too long ago. Anyway, if I remember right, TechSurgeons helped me recover most of what I had on the website. (Thank you!) but still.

2016, at the Tillamook ice cream factory. More on that in a different post.

My point – yes, there was one – was that all that put me off posting for a while. A long while. Well, that and the death of a friend – the friend who took me to the Tillamook Factory when I worked in Oregon for three months. More on that in the next post. But even when I created the site, which was… okay, fine, I have the flu, time has no meaning anyway, basically I just figured there was no point in posting anything if no one read it. But that’s silly – why would anyone come back to a site with no posts? Duh, Laura.

Another note – I miss LJ. Sigh. I’m not a fan of Facebook, I love Tumblr but it works very differently than my brain does, and I’m addicted to Twitter in a way that does NOT help when I want to be writing. Of course, I was pretty addicted to LJ back then, too, so I guess it evens out. But LJ posts didn’t stream through as fast and furiously as things do in the Twitterverse.
Scrivener, please stop correcting LJ to LBJ. LOL.

Or, maybe I’m just getting old and nostalgic. That could be. I do turn fifty in July. Yes, I was born not long before we landed on the moon, brought into the world by a terrifying episode of the Twilight Zone which scared the baby right out of her, early. So I guess I have Rod Serling to thank for being around when we landed on the moon, despite the fact that I didn’t actually see it.

WOW I don’t feel that old. At least, not on the inside. On the outside I’m starting to feel about two-hundred, but I think that’s just the flu combined with the broken leg.

Oooh, fancy drop cap. Let’s see if it’s annoying if they’re in all the paragraphs. Yep. Not going to afflict them on you. Except that very first paragraph, because it’s pretty.

Did I mention I have the flu? Please, people, never blog and flu. Or flu and blog. Something like that.

Anyway, I had the idea to post every day until my birthday, and I’ll be happy if I remember it about three days a week. 🙂 Maybe if I front load posts and schedule them to go out every day? I don’t know. But talking to the void is a lot easier for me than talking to an audience, so I may figure out how to close comments. Yes, I have issues, LOL. I also have a lot of spam… such is life.
Have a great February, everybody.

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