Here and Now and Then

I pre-ordered Mike Chen’s Here and Now and Then, and when it popped up on my Kindle earlier this week, I dove in headfirst. I LOVE time travel books, and his is amazing – I can’t remember the number of times I cried while reading it, but there were probably an equal number of laughs, or at least smiles (Albert Beckett being the first person to travel through time made me giggle madly).

I don’t want to post spoilers (other than that one, and I don’t think it really counts since it’s backstory only), so I’ll just say it’s the first book since I read The Broken Earth trilogy a while back that I couldn’t stop reading. Yes, I was late to the party. But wow, once I started reading, I really couldn’t stop. That’s how it was with Here and Now and Then. I read it in one day.

I love the fact that, in either an interview or on Twitter (I can’t remember – flu brain) he said that one of his influences was the TNG episode “The Inner Light.” I have a friend because of that episode. I was in a little shop in Wichita, and there was a woman selling jewelry she made. I was wearing my Spock shirt, and we started talking. It turned out we both loved ST, and “The Inner Light” was our favorite episode. I had the flute song from the episode on a CD, so I sent it her after I left, and we’ve been friends ever since. In fact, when William Shatner came to town a couple of years ago, she called and let me tag along. 🙂 Thank you, Kathy!

Sometimes people in fandoms can be crazy, but then there are times like that when they are amazing. Mike Chen’s book is amazing, and I’m betting he is, as well. Everyone should buy the book!

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